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Why Work With Us

It's a competitive corporate world and to pick the best in always a difficult process. What sets us apart must therefore be evident in our values, business dealings and in the way we deliver our work. No recruitment service works with proper candidates. It is because of this that we maintain an extensive database of skilled and qualified candidates, through our branches, sub agents and mechanized pooling process. We also use the media (online and offline) and advertisements. Should there be an inadequate amount of candidates, we will then conduct further authorized special recruitment activities like using agent referrals and job fairs in our branches in order to gather and ensure that we have sufficient candidates for each category. What sets us apart is our passion to serve the needs of our clients, as well as our candidates. We strive to understand their respective disciplines as intimately as our clients and candidates do.

Distinction in service is of the essence. We strictly follow work ethics and it is on this principle that Luna HR was established. And because we aim to capitalize on opportunities in International Trade and to expand our business across borders, we have the best Human Resource professionals working at all times and giving their best to fulfill demands. Team work is important to us and we project a definitive force when it comes to competing in the global market. We believe that the Nepalese possess superior skills and we intend to facilitate that by creating avenues for them. In this task, we strive relentlessly. We help you increase business profitability by having a reliable partner with extensive international experience who can offer a broad range of service.

Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.