Recruitment Process

Recruitment Procedure is of vital important to decide how to pick the best candidates to suit a particular job.


Selection of Candidates

We shortlist applications that are sent to us and we maintain them and update them on a regular basis. Due to shortage of skill in the workforces of today, finding skill will be critical for manpower agencies in the future. These short listed applicants serve as a group to built the future for organizations and meet the challenges of skill and proficiency around the world. We also advertise thoroughly in newspapers and post in our website. We also have a strong network of agents which help us find a large array of applications waiting to be reviewed and short listed.




As soon as we receive work orders and detail job descriptions, a selection process is made through preliminary interviews of all short listed candidates. The whole process is carefully sought out and we take special care to ensure that the right people are selected for a particular job. The process is also completed by way of stringent evaluations that are based on the candidate's personal experience, education and his field of expertise.





The recruiting manager writes remarks on all selected candidates. The resumes and remarks are then sent to our clients for their approval. Once the candidates are approved, our clients will have to send us authenticated documents. Thereafter we send the selected candidates for a medical test and simultaneously the client is asked to process the visa. We are also responsible for all passport formalities like endorsing the passport, if required for the process of the visa.




We inform the candidates about your company and all the benefits that your provide. We also take special care to inform them about the rules and regulations pertaining to your company and ask them to abide by it.





It is easy due to our public relations at airports, to mobilize all candidates promptly. We arrange air tickets for the selected candidates, organize and mobilize them at the earliest under prior intimation to you.

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